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Welcome to Speed Cell - Corporate


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the history of humanity, analysts estimate that so far, it has accelerated the field of Technology and Telecommunications from 5 to 10 years. In particular, it has demonstrated the fundamental importance that the telecommunications and cell phone infrastructure plays in keeping businesses, universities, homes, public institutions and most importantly, Health Centers, Hospitals and Clinics running.


Governments and societies that are connected and functioning today have become essential to extremes that perhaps we never thought. It is difficult, if not impossible, for some people to separate themselves from their mobile team for 5 minutes since a whole process or organization depends on it.


Due to the economic and social disruptions caused by the pandemic, people around the world depend on cell phones for information, to stay informed, and to take action in their different areas of responsibility.


In response to this reality, and in view of the need that our valued clients have presented to us, SPEED CELL CORPORATE was born. Learn about what we have created for your Company or Institution.


Learn more about SPEED CELL CORPORATIVO and how to hire NOW.

Benefits of the Corporate Home Service

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Screen Change

Battery Replacement

Home service


  1. We keep your company operational.

  2. Long lines are avoided, waste of time.

  3. You will have the guarantee of Certified Technicians in the main brands used in the country.

  4. We maintain the largest inventory of parts and parts in the country.

  5. For SPECIAL contracts, we can lend a Mobile Equipment in the cases that your company or operation demands it.

  6. City Dams are avoided.

  7. Protects yourself more from COVID-19


Frequent questions:


How does the Service work?


  1. You call us and tell us about your Damage.

  2. Send us the Model and Photo of the Device.

  3. You confirm the address and place where you can receive us.

  4. Equipment received before 9:00 AM, are delivered before 5:00 PM.


What if I require it to be repaired in my presence, in my own office or home?


  1. SpeedCell technicians will analyze the information provided on the damage, and will go to your Location with the tools and parts required to carry out the repair without you sending us the equipment.

  2. This way, you don't need to ship your device.


What is the average repair time for a Cellular Equipment?


  1. Depending on the model and damage, this ranges between 30 min and 1:30 min and there may be exceptions.


you guys


Will my equipment have a warranty?


Yes, the Warranty terms and exclusions will be provided in writing. (The most frequent is the loss of the phone or wet equipment, which voids the Warranty). A well protected and used phone will always have its respective warranty depending on the type of repair or accessory sold.


Confidentiality of information:

Speed Cell is committed to taking care of your information as confidentially as possible. It will "never" be reproduced, copied or erased without express prior written authorization from you, in the event that this is necessary (eg Change of Equipment,  Equipment Reset).

Some of our Corporate Clients


Option 1:


We send you our Accession contract.


We propose this as option one, to avoid cumbersome bureaucracies and waste of time. Speed ​​Cell assumes the commitment with your Company to provide the services in an eventual way, only in the moments that a Cellular Telephone of a member of your company is damaged. The payment that you will make will be the one that will be informed prior to its review, and only that.



Option 2:


We analyze with you specific needs and a Contract is drawn up between both parties.


If, on the other hand, your company requires specialized services, we can adapt to your needs without any problem.


In both cases, you will have an executive assigned to your Account, who will be the person who will assist you throughout the Contract, Consultation and Repair process.


Visit us



Cel. +507 6001-7889

Attention: Mr. Jesús Fernández



Century Tower Building. Floor 4 Office 415. Panamá, Panamá


Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 PM



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